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LED Steet Lamp

GLD350 series are built to perform effectively and economically in areas that may be difficult to service, expensive to shut down, or any location requiring an increased degree of safety.
Compared with conventional lighting, LED Lighting consume up to 85% less energy and typically last as long as 60,000 hours or more.
Non-Explosive atmosphere;


Modular pluggable technology, tool-free on-site maintenance.

Full use of thermal honeycomb structure principle and cooling technology, access to get high thermal performance.

Double coupling technology reach to IP68, ultra waterproof and dustproof capabilities.

Lamp beads uses no gold wire eutectic solder, to avoid disconnection dead lights risks.

“Ultra Robust”module technology, single damaged,other grains distribution current constant.

Intelligent constant current drive technology, a breakthrough power life bottlenecks, high-voltage output, high power efficiency. Ergonomics with light,realization illumination and road lighting effects such as brightness.


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